Elite Control Alarm Panels

From residential homes to industrial buildings, CCTV Ballarat can reduce the risk to your premises by installing a state of the art electronic security system. Whether it is a new tailored security system or simply an upgrade of an existing alarm system, We have a system to suit your requirements and budgets.

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Note: Not all accessories are available

Security & Control ESL-2 Panel Kit

- 8/16 zones with zone doubling

- 100 users for alarm or access control functions

- 2 dedicated areas

- 4G & IP modules for off-site monitoring option

- 8 keypads allowed

- Battery back-up

- Hardwired (wireless option)

- Time schedules x 8

SPECIAL $1495.00 Installed*

1 x AAP ESL-2 PLAS-10EX Board 16 Zones

1 x AAP ESL-2 APP POD, Plug on App/IP-Module for ESL-2 System

1 x APP ELITE WHITE Touch Keypad, 5″ Full Colour display

1 x AAP ELITE Enclosure

1 x Secor Outdoor Combo Siren/Strobe

3 x Aleph AL Series Passive Infrared Detectors

1 x AUS Cell 12v 7Ah Battery

1 x Powermaster 16v AC 1.5Amp Power Plug Pack

1 x Top Hat Piezo Indoor Siren

Security Cable

Licence Security Installer


AAP, ESL-2 PLAS-10W ESL Planel In Plastic Enclosure With Touch Screen – No Communicator

AAP, ESL-2 APP POD, IP Communicator For ESL2 Panel

AAP, KP-Touch Screen Keypads White, 5″ Full Colour Display For Runner Panels

Aleph, AL-40, Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)

Aleph, APX101, Passive Infrared Detector

AAP, Combo Siren/Strobe strobe and tamper switch

Aleph, BS-2031 Heavy Duty Contact C/C With Spaces 31mm Gap

TOP HAT Piezo siren 75mm diameter, white, 110 dB

Powermaster, T1615MEP 16VAC 1500MA 

12v 7-AH Sealed lead-acid


Apple & Android